Effective Digital Pedagogies


A research practice partnership with

The Manaiakalani Programme

Resources about teaching practices

Below are a series of resources developed through the Te Pūtahi Whakatairanga Hapori Ako Angitu Woolf Fisher Research Centre study regarding our teaching practices. The Manaiakalani website also has a wide range of excellent materials that support professional learning.

T-Shaped Literacy Skills

This resource supports Dr Aaron Wilson and Dr Rebecca Jesson’s SET article (2019) which details ‘T-Shaped Literacy Skills’ as an emerging research-practice hypothesis. The resource provides practical examples of how to develop your own text sets and activities related to the T-Shaped Literacy Skills.

Developing Critical thinking

This resource discusses criticality in the New Zealand Curriculum, and provides a ‘T-Shaped Literacy Unit Planner’ that can be used to develop activities for deeper thinking and discussion. 

Engaged reading in the T Shape

This presentation offers suggestions for learning and site design to support engaged reading. It was originally presented to Manaiakalani facilitators and further develops thinking around the ‘T-Shaped’ literacy skills in this SET article (2019).

How to develop Effective Scaffolding?

This short presentation introduces effective scaffolding of learners and provides a ‘talking about text’ task and resource that can be used by teachers in professional learning group

Accelerating reading

This is a video from the 2016 hui for teachers from the Manaiakalani cluster in which Dr Aaron Wilson discusses ways that teachers can accelerate reading across the curriculum and at all year levels.

Multi-text and multimodal learning

In this clip, Dr Rebecca Jesson and Dr Aaron Wilson discuss multi-text and multi-modal learning, both of which are affordances of a digital environment. This video also links to their later work on ‘T-Shaped Literacy’.