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Resources on case studies

Below are a series of resources concerning case studies by Te Pūtahi Whakatairanga Hapori Ako Angitu Woolf Fisher Research Centre, which may be helpful to teachers and leaders. The Manaiakalani website also has a wide range of excellent materials that support professional learning.

2017 Case studies for teachers (summary version)

In 2017, we undertook case study research with teachers from the Manaiakalani and Manaiakalani Outreach 1 clusters. Our intention was to identify effective practices to support further innovation across The Manaiakalani Programme. This version of the resource has been developed as a practical guide for teachers to the case study findings.

2017 Case studies (full version)

This is is a more comprehensive version of the case study findings, with references to other research and fewer annotations than the above version of the resource labelled ‘for teachers’.

2015 Manaiakalani case studies summarised

In this video, Dr Rebecca Jesson and Dr Aaron Wilson discuss the 5 key things common across the practices of the teachers involved in the 2015 case studies that focused on writing.