Effective digital pedagogies


A research practice partnership with

The Manaiakalani Programme



Research design

Classroom observations

Teachers in 1:1 classes from each school in the cluster are invited to participate in classroom observations. This survey of classrooms enables each cluster, cohort, and The Manaiakalani Programme as a whole to better understand how the digital learning environment and cluster-wide goals are being implemented.

To learn about how and why we conduct classroom observations, you can read more here.

Student achievement data

Twice during each year, in March and November, Te Pūtahi Whakatairanga Hapori Ako Angitu Woolf Fisher Research Centre collects standardised achievement data including e-asTTle writing, PAT Reading, PAT Maths, and junior numeracy and reading levels. School entry assessments, STAR and observation surveys of early literacy achievement are also collected, as well as NCEA data for students in senior secondary school. These data are then collated, analysed and discussed with clusters in the form of written reports and in sensemaking sessions. To learn about how we collect and analyse data, read more on this page.

The Learning Schools Model

The research design, questions, and measures for this study were born out of the Learning Schools Model (LSM). The Learning Schools Model was created by Professor Stuart McNaughton, Associate Professor Mei Lai, Dr Rebecca Jesson, and Dr Aaron Wilson at Te Pūtahi Whakatairanga Hapori Ako Angitu Woolf Fisher Research Centre. It is designed to support clusters, schools and teachers with collective inquiry and problem solving in the following ways:

  • Profiling: understanding patterns of student achievement and other valued learning outcomes in detail
  • Hypothesis generation and testing: identifying and systematically testing possible explanations for the problem
  • Redesigning practice: Using research evidence to design refined and highly tailored responses to issues identified in the profiling
  • Implementation, evaluation and redesign

To hear Dr Aaron Wilson describe the Learning Schools Model and its similarities and differences from other inquiry models, click here. Please note that the clip is edited from a longer presentation by Dr Aaron Wilson to the Kohia Education Centre course CoL Leadership (2016).